Minho and Taemin at SM Live Tokyo BTS

Taeminnie…I wasn’t ready for that. You have to give a girl warning next time!

2pm - Go Crazy Practice Video

I can only imagine how happy 2pm were when their choreographer was like…

"So basically you get to jump around and act like total weirdos." 

hahaha I love this song.

Bobby & B.I. - Nonagon Teaser

Already kinda in love with B.I. <3 the song seems really cool. Can’t wait for the full video

Clazziquai Project - Still I’m by Your Side Teaser

Their 6th album is released on September 18th! So excite.

두부 <3 You will forever be my favorite Chicken Maniac

*Credit* KoreaBoo

2PM - 미친거 아니야 (GO CRAZY!)

One of my favorite things about 2pm has always been their ability to be silly and to just have fun! From Wild Bunny to Idol Army to Star Golden Bell…they always were hilarious and ridiculous on EVERY SHOW, which was what made me such a big fan. 

This video didn’t disappoint. They all genuinely look like they are having such a good time :) One of my top 5 kpop songs of the year <3

NONAGON - TaeYang x CL

I got chills. So excited

Bias For Life &lt;3
*Credit*  Tae Yang&#8217;s Instagram


Bias For Life <3

*Credit*  Tae Yang’s Instagram

Taemin - ACE Concept Video (BeatBurger Project)

I just…I mean…I can’t


T.O.P shirtless in Tazza 2….FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Yet another reason to see this movie :) 

2PM - 미친거 아니야 (GO CRAZY!) Teaser

Looks fun! So happy to have my WooYoung back <3

Taecyeon and Jun.K Twitter Photos

Hinting at a comeback?? I hope so! It’s been so long <3 I need my wooyoungie back :3

Super Junior - Mamacita MV

Sooo….not my favorite suju song. BUT the video is pretty funny and I liked the whole wacky western feel of it all. 

Super Junior - Mamacita Teaser

As a spanish speaker is it bad that every time they say the word mamacita I cringe a little bit? haha

ANYWHO! overall the song seems like it’s going to have a spanish kind of vibe (which I had already assumed from the name) and seems like it’s going to be great!

Clazziquai Project - Madly MV

I freaking love them, they are one of the greatest trio of individuals that have ever come together. Fuh-Reak-Ing awesome.

Great song. Great Video. perfect.

This year has been such a redemption in the k-pop world to me <3