Taecyeon and Jun.K Twitter Photos

Hinting at a comeback?? I hope so! It’s been so long <3 I need my wooyoungie back :3

Super Junior - Mamacita MV

Sooo….not my favorite suju song. BUT the video is pretty funny and I liked the whole wacky western feel of it all. 

Super Junior - Mamacita Teaser

As a spanish speaker is it bad that every time they say the word mamacita I cringe a little bit? haha

ANYWHO! overall the song seems like it’s going to have a spanish kind of vibe (which I had already assumed from the name) and seems like it’s going to be great!

Clazziquai Project - Madly MV

I freaking love them, they are one of the greatest trio of individuals that have ever come together. Fuh-Reak-Ing awesome.

Great song. Great Video. perfect.

This year has been such a redemption in the k-pop world to me <3 

According to Tablo&#8217;s twitter Epik High will be releasing their 8th album soon!

According to Tablo’s twitter Epik High will be releasing their 8th album soon!


Mblaq’s MIR in Men’s Health

*_* when did 방철용 start looking like this?? where have I been?

Super Junior Mamacita Teaser Photos 

The matador edition <3

Super Junior Mamacita Teaser Photos 

(Kangin, Heechul, Leetuk, Shindong, Ryeowook)

Album is coming in September! But they’ll be doing comeback performances on the 29th!

Super Junior Mamacita Teaser Photos 

(Siwon, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Donghae)

Album is coming in September! But they’ll be doing comback performances on the 29th. Prepare your loins people!

Taemin Danger - Live on Inkigayo

Holy sheit *_* I have so many feels right now

As much as I loved the MV the live version just about KILLED ME. I repeat I’m DEADD. 

Like I don’t even know what to say…I’ve always though of Taemin as like a cute little brother type…but this solo album is completely changing that. He’s so…so…sexy. haha I never thought I would utter those words, but its true. He really is TaeMAN now and I’m loving it. whew

태민 Taemin -괴도 (Danger)

Well this just happened. 

Thoughts and Feels: I love Love LOVE this song. The styling, the choreo, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME (please enjoy my Lego Movie reference.)

Apparently there has been some divide in the SHAWOL fandom because a lot of people thing that JJong should have sang this song. And while I do agree he would have sounded GREAT on the song (it definitely has that Jonghyun kinda vibe) I actually really think it suits Taemin as well.  

Taemin’s dancing is absolutely fantastic and that is one of the things I adore most about this video. It gives off a dark, grunge, Michael Jackson kinda vibe (don’t ask what that means) and I’m super into it. Plus seeing a darker and more mature side of taemin is pretty cool too.

So overall I would have to say this is an awesome song, and even better video…and you should definitely give it a watch and a listen.

Taemin - Ace Teaser Photos (Color)

Taemin - Ace Teaser Photos (Black & White)

TAEMIN 태민 - 괴도 (Danger) Music Video Teaser

Or should we say taeman??

JYJ Just Us Photobook