Taemin Danger - Live on Inkigayo

Holy sheit *_* I have so many feels right now

As much as I loved the MV the live version just about KILLED ME. I repeat I’m DEADD. 

Like I don’t even know what to say…I’ve always though of Taemin as like a cute little brother type…but this solo album is completely changing that. He’s so…so…sexy. haha I never thought I would utter those words, but its true. He really is TaeMAN now and I’m loving it. whew

태민 Taemin -괴도 (Danger)

Well this just happened. 

Thoughts and Feels: I love Love LOVE this song. The styling, the choreo, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME (please enjoy my Lego Movie reference.)

Apparently there has been some divide in the SHAWOL fandom because a lot of people thing that JJong should have sang this song. And while I do agree he would have sounded GREAT on the song (it definitely has that Jonghyun kinda vibe) I actually really think it suits Taemin as well.  

Taemin’s dancing is absolutely fantastic and that is one of the things I adore most about this video. It gives off a dark, grunge, Michael Jackson kinda vibe (don’t ask what that means) and I’m super into it. Plus seeing a darker and more mature side of taemin is pretty cool too.

So overall I would have to say this is an awesome song, and even better video…and you should definitely give it a watch and a listen.

Taemin - Ace Teaser Photos (Color)

Taemin - Ace Teaser Photos (Black & White)

TAEMIN 태민 - 괴도 (Danger) Music Video Teaser

Or should we say taeman??

JYJ Just Us Photobook 

JYJ Just Us Photobook (Hero Jaejoong)

He’s my bias for a reason (though I love all the boys) those eyes just melt my heart <3 <3

JYJ Just Us Photobook (Micky Yoochun)

JYJ Just Us PhotoBook Scans (Xiah Junsu)

I’m diggin his mermaid hair


JYJ - Backseat MV

you put me on, in, above, and around your backseat JYJ <3 whew! love this song

BIGBANG G-Market Photos


Season’s Greetings

Sweet 2PM

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G-Dragon W Magazine Scans

His style is perfection. Even as a woman I only WISH I could dress like him

Big Bang Season’s Greetings Calendar Teasers

I already have mine pre-ordered <3 Do you??!