BIGBANG G-Market Photos


Season’s Greetings

Sweet 2PM

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G-Dragon W Magazine Scans

His style is perfection. Even as a woman I only WISH I could dress like him

Big Bang Season’s Greetings Calendar Teasers

I already have mine pre-ordered <3 Do you??!

SHINee at SM Live Concert

:3 perfection

Key - Harper’s Bazaar


And there are already two ADORABLE videos on it! Definitely follow him <3

M.I.B - Worry About Yourself Teaser

It’s been SOOOO long. I’m glad to hear new music from them

Tae Yang is featured in the November Dazed And Confused Korea Mag

Scans to come later :3

2NE1 - Missing You


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soooo…. I’m on the fence.

I like the video…for it’s weirdness. Its a little Space Odyssey meets Some kind of vintage explorer movie…and then there are these moments where you ask yourself “What the F*** just happened?!”

Otherwise the song is super catchy. YG always gets me with their jibberish <3

G-Dragon Who You MV

OFFICIALLY my favorite video of the year ^_^

I loved the fact at he incorporated his fans into the video…they literally filmed parts of it. Is it sad I kind of teared up (Don’t judge me!)

G-Dragon is so creative and inventive, and this probably meant so much to those fans. I only wish I would have been able to be there too >.<

Adore him.

T.O.P Doom DADA teaser images

Such a cutie :3

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T.O.P  Doom DADA Teaser #2
IDK how I feel about the creepy a** baby&#8230;we shall see &gt;.&lt;

T.O.P  Doom DADA Teaser #2

IDK how I feel about the creepy a** baby…we shall see >.<